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In the fiction novel, Joy DISCOVERING SHARED AWAKENINGS, a sequel of When Momma Never Heals, Author Karen Penn, takes readers on a unique journey full of twists, turns and upheavals, that lead to unimaginable discoveries of healing and great awakenings. The main character, Joy, is one of “the chosen ones” in her family to experience anomalous existences that are undeniable and that help her to discover her true life purpose. The author poses this question: How would you receive being one of “the chosen ones” in your family to experience unimaginable encounters?

When Momma Never Heals

In the story of Nita, and her daughters, Loretta and Devon, readers will discover the emotional challenge of trying to find forgiveness woven through the layers of Loretta’s life. Her journey explores how she found personal healing and understanding within she and her mother’s unsettled relationship. In this book, author Karen V Penn takes readers on a unique journey of exploring life through the eyes of Loretta where only a miracle of an unexpected proportion can fix what happens when momma never heals.


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Book Reviews

"When Momma Doesn't Heal is a courageous work tackling issues that plague some women; thereby, impacting their children. Author Karen V. Penn did an outstanding job with this work! This book will start needed and tough conversations and bring about generational healing in so many forms.

I highly recommend it!"

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This is a remarkable and excellent novel.

The joy aches, and the pain chuckle in these pages, and the entire book leaves you with the impression of silk — which is so lovely because it was written about living, and each character had something on its mind and its survival, no doubt.

Ms. Karen V. Penn, I look forward to what comes next in your art of writing."

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"This book was EVERYTHING!

I was on edge wanting for more with EVERY chapter lol I can’t wait for the series to come! Phenomenal job and I definitely recommend this book!!"

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"Karen's book is compelling and promotes wellness and healing. A must read and a brilliant written work of art . I highly recommend it."

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 "Rivetting, suspenseful, what a page turner! The writer Karen Penn takes the reader through a whirlwind of family disfuntional issues. Every story line captivates you on every page of the book. The conclusion is a jaw drop. Readers will find themselves diagnosising their own family dynamics and also being astounded that so many events occured in one family."

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Thank you to the author for giving me a copy for an honest review*

This was a quick read which I liked. The author really tells you about Loretta's life story and there is a lot to the relationship with her mother. Also the detail about what happened to her mother and her family was pretty engaging as a reader. The story while interesting and a slice of someone else's life, while engaging I found myself being unable to relate to it coming from a stable home and background.

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